Whitegate Primary and Nursery School


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Whitegate Primary and Nursery School

Governing Body Meetings 2018 – 2019


Autumn Term 2018

  • Tuesday 27th November 2018 4:30pm


Spring Term 2019

  • Tuesday 22nd January 2019 4:30pm

  • Thursday 26th March 2019 4:30pm


Summer Term 2019

  • Thursday 2nd May 2019 4:30pm - Budget

  • Tuesday 16th July 2019 4:30pm

Governor Vision

Whitegate Primary School


To create an outstanding school where all children will enjoy learning through excellent teaching, be supported to achieve their potential and helped to excel in all aspects of the curriculum.


By the next Ofsted inspection (2019) we expect Whitegate to be outstanding in two areas - I.T and behaviour management and outstanding across all areas by 2023.


Governor Roles and Responsibilities

The following areas are taken from the current Ofsted framework -

Governor Link Areas


School Lead


1. Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


Maths, English and Curriculum


Stewart Powell, Adele Thackeray

Andrew Forshaw, Sophie Wan

2. Personal development, behaviour and welfare


Safeguarding and CIC, attendance, SRE, and behaviour management


Jackie Colley, Amy Jamieson, Natalie Wild

Barbara Allen-Whiley, Karen Brown, Andrew Forshaw

3. Outcomes


Disadvantaged pupils, pupil premium, SEND


Les Sullivan, Leah Shooter

Lee Noble, Liberty Taylor, Abby Yarwood


Governor Visits

From September 2018 there will be –

  • 3 visits per year against the identified link areas.

  • Visits will be planned and coordinated by the school lead with link governor.

  • The Ofsted criteria will be used to guide observation areas.

  • Visits will be reported to the full governing body meetings against the agenda forward plan.



  1. Organisation of Responsibility & Accountability


    1. The Finance Sub Committee of the Governing Body in conjunction with the Headteacher hold responsibility for setting the Schools Annual Budget.

    2. The Finance Sub Committee will oversee and monitor the budget throughout the year and meet at least on a termly basis.

    3. Minutes of all meetings are presented to the full Governing Body and to the LA.

    4. Governors are requested to declare any pecuniary interests which they may have, ie links with local firms.

    5. All ordering of goods is via the FMS system, which is the responsibility of the Business Manager who will advise departments of their spending profile.

    6. Only the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Bursar have full access to the system.

    7. Passwords are to be changed on a regular basis.

    8. All budgetary control methods will comply with financial regulations.


  2. Budgets


    2.1 In conjunction with the Headteacher, the Finance Sub Committee will prepare a budget which reflects the aims of the School and the priorities identified in the School Development Plan.

    2.2 The budget will reflect priority areas and long-term goals.

    2.3 The budget will be prepared in sufficient time to allow for careful planning and consultation.

    2.4 The planned budget will not exceed the resources available.

    2.5 The Headteacher will advise and report to Governors of likely spending patterns or expected alterations to budget headings.

    2.6 The Headteacher and Business Manager will advise and report to Governors at least on a termly basis, or more regularly as necessary.

    2.7 The Headteacher and Business Manager shall, under power delegated to them by the Finance Sub Committee, have the power to vire between budget headings.

    2.8 The Business Manager will provide termly printouts to department account holders.

    2.9 The Headteacher will report to the Finance Sub Committee and Personnel Committee any proposed changes which will significantly affect the budget.

    2.10 Capital expenditure will only be taken from authorised delegated funds such as devolved capital.


  3. Internal Financial Control


    3.1 The Financial Sub Committee will receive a FMS report and LA outturn on at least a termly basis.

    3.2 All audited Private Accounts (school fund) will be presented to the Governing Body and audit certificates will be forwarded to the LA.

    3.3 Nottingham City Council LA financial system will be followed.

    3.4 Authorised staff only will have access to the FMS system.

    3.5 All invoices are filed with the cheque details.

    3.6 All monies are to be secured in the school safe.

    3.7 Payroll costings will be checked monthly by the Business Manager and any discrepancies will be reported to the LA who will make the appropriate alterations.

    3.8 All cheques will be signed by 2 out of 3 authorised signatories (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Business Manager).

    3.9 In the absence of the Headteacher the Deputy Headteacher will assume responsibility.


  4. Insurance


    4.1 The school is under the cover of an arranged policy for third party liability, property, money, personal accident and fidelity guarantee through the LA.

    4.2 Pupils involved in trips and residential activities shall be insured via the LA at an appropriate level.

    4.3 Staff who use their own vehicles to attend courses/meetings or transport pupils will have ‘Business Use’ on their insurance as directed by the LA (duty of care).

    4.4 School equipment is insured via LA policy for loss within school and off the premises.


  5. Computer Management Information System


    5.1 The school is registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984.

    5.2 Work is backed up on a regular basis vis Nottingham City schools IT.

    5.3 Authorised staff only have access and passwords are changed regularly.

    5.4 Authorised software only is used and site licenses purchased whenever possible.


  6. Purchasing


    6.1 The school will follow LA procedures.

    6.2 Business Manager will seek competitive prices.

    6.3 Quotations will be sought for major repairs/redecoration with assistance from the LA Property Services if required.

    6.4 Should a quotation other than the lowest be accepted the reason for this shall be reported to the Governing Body and minuted.

    6.5 No order shall be placed which exceeds the LA limit.

    6.6 All orders wherever possible will be generated via the computer.

    6.7 Non-Order invoices will eventually be recorded on the computer.

    6.8 The school should never be used for private orders.

    6.9 All orders will be signed for by the Headteacher. The Bursar will check funds are available for all orders placed.

    6.10 Inward goods will be checked by the relevant departmental members.

    6.11 Payment via the computer system will be made only when the goods have been received in satisfactory condition, prices are correct, include VAT if appropriate, expenditure is covered and discounts if appropriate have been deducted.

    6.12 The invoice if correct will be authorised by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher in his absence.


  7. Personnel


    7.1 The Headteacher will advise the Financial and Personnel Sub Committee on recruitment needs and terminations of employment.

    7.2 The Financial and Personnel Sub Committee will advise the Headteacher of their involvement, depending upon the seniority of the position.

    7.3 The Headteacher will liaise with the Business Manager to ensure the process of completing, checking and authorising all documentation including safeguarding relating to appointments and terminations of appointments are forwarded to the LA.

    7.4 Personnel records will be kept on the SIMS System with limited access in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984.


  8. Security of Stocks and Other Property


    8.1 The Headteacher and Business Manager is responsible to the Governing Body for the safe custody and control of cash and other property belonging to the school.

    8.2 The Business Manager will ensure that stocks are maintained at reasonable levels and are subject to regular physical checks by either the Business Manager or Office Staff.

    8.3 The Office staff  will collate an inventory of all items of equipment.

    8.4 The IT Co-ordinator is responsible for security marking and serial number collection.

    8.5 Inventories will be checked at least annually and every discrepancy will be reported to the Headteacher who will if necessary, liaise with the Governing Body.

    8.6 All write offs and disposals will be in accordance with LA regulations.

    8.8 The safe will be kept locked. The Business Manager and Office Manager will have safe keys. The loss of any key will be reported via the Headteacher to the LA.


  9. Income


    9.1 The Governing Body has adopted the LA’s proposed charging policy.

    9.2 The Business Manager will as far as practicable identify sums due to the school.

    9.3 The Head Teacher will be responsible for transporting the banking to the bank.

    9.4 Invoices will be promptly paid by the school.

    9.5 Records of income will be securely retained.

    9.6 Cash and cheques will be locked away to safeguard against loss or theft.

    9.7 Income collections will not be used for the encashment of personal cheques.

    9.8 Income collected will be clearly identified and reconciled to the account into which it is paid.

    9.9 Debts will only be written off in accordance with LA regulations and a record will be kept.

    9.10 All accounts are audited by the LA.

10) Voluntary Funds


10.1 All school fund accounts are audited by the LA.

10.2 All audited school fund accounts are presented to the Governing Body at the first meeting following the audit.

10.4 All school fund accounts require two out of three authorised signatories on cheques (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Business Manager).

10.5 All budgetary control methods will comply with financial regulations.

10.6 Any investigations will be reported to the LA and Governing Body of the school.

10.7 All school funds shall be properly separated from official school funds.



1.Headteacher Report including:


  1. The Head teacher reports progress being made by pupils in each year group in comparison with targets, age related expectations, FFT estimates etc. (e.g. in Terms 2, 4 and 6)

  2. The Head teacher reports progress on school improvement priorities

  3. The Head teacher reports attendance and behaviour/exclusion data including trends, year group analysis etc.

  4. The Head teacher reports outcomes from self-evaluation activities and core visits/LA progress review meetings.

  5. The Head teacher reports any changes in pupil numbers/inward or outward mobility - Admissions issues

  6. The Head teacher reports reporting any incidents of bullying or harassment.

  7. Safeguarding


2. End of Key Stage Data

2.1 End of Key Stage attainment data broken down by subjects, gender, ethnicity and other groups relevant to the school e.g. Children in Care, Free School Meals, EAL, SEN and compared with targets, FFT estimates, 3 or 5 year trends (see also Term 2 committees


  1. Key Stage progress data – overall and broken down by subjects and groups < >ummary of end of year attainment and progress data for other year groups, again broken down by subjects and groups.2.4 Curriculum developments, events.

    3. Staffing


    1. Staff changes, vacancies

    2. Staff professional development


      4. Self-Evaluation


    3. Self-evaluation of effectiveness of governing body – identify areas for improvement and facilitate formulation of governor development plan if required, including any structural changes for next year

    4. Set dates for following year with main agenda items (inc Committees)


  2. 4.3 Receive Annual Health & Safety Report


    1. Elect chair and vice-chair

    2. Review delegated powers and duties, governors expenses policy, Code of Conduct/Protocols

    3. Review committee structure/membership, terms of reference in line with school improvement priorities and outcome of governing body skills audit.

    4. Appoint named governors (Child Protection, SEN, Children in Care, Health and Safety)

    5. Self-evaluation of effectiveness of governing body – identify areas for improvement and facilitate formulation of governor development plan if required, including any structural changes for next year


    5. School Improvement Plan


    1. Agree new School Improvement Plan


    5.2 Review strategic priorities and actions in the light of School Improvement Officer Report and/or other self-evaluation activities.


    1. Agree revisions to on-going School Improvement Plan


      5.4 Agree governors monitoring and evaluation programme for the year linked to the identified School Improvement priorities.


    5.5 Review progress against priorities on School Improvement Plan


    5.6 Agree arrangements for consultation/formulation of updated School Improvement Plan


    6. Performance Management

    6.1 Agree arrangements to complete headteacher’s performance review (by end of term 1 if possible, in order to inform target setting for other staff.)


    6.2 Arrange Head teachers performance review.


    6.3 Receive report from Headteacher Performance Review panel on agreed performance objectives for the Headteacher and how these link to the School Improvement Plan



    7. Safeguarding

    7.1 Schedule annual safeguarding audit

    7.2 Receive annual report on safeguarding from Child Protection governor/ school child protection lead.

    7.3 Ensure ALL staff have had safeguarding training within the last 3 years

    7.4 Schedule safeguarding training for staff (as required)


    8. Policies


    1. Agree arrangements to update/publish legally required information for parents on the school website

      1. Receive Annual Health & Safety Report

      2. Review Code of Conduct for staff

      3. Review Staff Handbook

      4. Review/update information to parents and others including publication scheme (Freedom of Information Act), complaints procedure and discipline (including anti bullying) policy